C & D Healthcare Services Ltd

About Us

C & D Healthcare Services Ltd is a home care services provider based in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. We offer high quality care services in line with CQC regulations. We are passionate about our client’s right to receive the highest quality of care in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own homes. We believe in the provision of care through kindness, experience, friendship and knowledge.

Our aims and objectives

We aim to comply with and exceed all regulatory and statutory requirements and standards, which are achieved through the core objectives identified by the company as follows:

  • ❖ To provide specialist multidisciplinary holistic assessment and management of services users’ needs and risks with comprehensive care planning, key working and specific interventions suited to individual needs, diversity and risks.
  • ❖ To deliver the highest standard of care and absolute satisfaction to all our Clients. The welfare of our staff, and our clients is of paramount consideration and our entire team is committed to meeting this objective.
  • ❖ To develop a community where anyone needing any type of our services or support will feel safe and confident in the services we provide and above all, express their satisfaction about the overall services received. All our staffs share this belief and are supported to ensure that our mission is reflected in every aspect of the services we provide.
  • ❖ To work autonomously and collaboratively to promote, improve, maintain and restore the health of our clients. We aim to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of clients and to enable the clients to maintain their personal independence, have informed choices and opportunity to enjoy and contribute to society.
  • ❖ To ensure right staff skill mixes are available to service users’ needs by investing in staff development to provide a progressive and expert workforce. To value each of our staff equally for their expertise and experience they bring to the team and to provide our staff with a working environment within which effective teamwork, where appropriate, and personal and group development are actively encouraged and supported.

The management is committed to the continual mentored training and development of staff in line with the organisation’s overall aim of improving quality service and efficiency.

Complaints are processed through the appropriate procedure. Our internal recruitment and selection criteria are designed to enable us to satisfy industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our rigorous compliance procedure which include face-to-face interview, DBS/CRB check, evidence of relevant training, professional registration and at least 2 satisfactory references mean that we can select quality staff for all assignments.

Our Mission

  • ❖ To promote excellence in client care and professional care practice through the encouragement, promotion and support of professional development and engagement.
  • ❖ To continue with the practice development, whilst working with our clients their families, and carers, involving them in the decision making about their care and treatment, geared to individual needs, encouraging them to become involved in decisions relating to care delivery.
  • ❖ To always show our clients courtesy and respect irrespective of ethnic origin, religious belief, personal attributes or the nature of the health problem.
  • ❖ To respond positively to feedback from our Clients, their family’s other health and social care professionals and our own staff.
  • ❖ To evaluate performance of our staff and making recommendations for merit awards and personnel classification changes. Counselling and disciplining staff to enable achievement of C&D HEALTHCARE SERVICES LTD’ objectives, particularly as related to high quality client care.
  • ❖ To manage the care service efficiently and effectively to make best use of resources and to maximise value for money for the Client.